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Blue Dog started as a small table on a street corner in late 2005. About 6 years ago we opened our first brick & mortar.

As we grew, we took up ‘picking’ to furnish and decorate. We found 90% of the stuff we have in the trash or in garages, barns, farms, welding shops and rim yards. We fixed them all up ourselves, got some cool art and stuff on eBay to decorate along with found art, some gifts from customers, and so on. Only place you could have a cup of Joe and type on 70-year-old machines, read 70-year-old comics or 400-year-old books. Read 800+ year-old pages, or eat with 500-year-old spoons, play with 60-year-old toys and old rotary phones, eat on 200-year-old doors re-purposed into tables, over which hang 500-year-old Noh theater scripts. And so on and on and on. It was hella-fun putting it together.

We developed all of our own recipes, and made everything from scratch. We were the first to develop our kind of fusion menu – now it’s all over the place. We were heavily copied, but if anything it ‘spread the word’. We kicked and screamed to get specialty items imported, made deals with farmers and trash collectors. And so much more. Hopefully we will be back someday.

Our Second Location. First was a table in the street corners.

unnamed 19

Sofa found in trash and fixed up. Stool and frame found in garage. Red panel to right from old crib.


Red table is our first ‘pick’, found in a garage. Two wood chairs found in the trash, metal chairs salvaged from a metal reclamation truck. Table for 4 made from two planks abandoned at a construction sight, base built by local welder. Lamps made by ‘gord’ artisit. Framed items over red table are Edo period Japanese armor.

unnamed 10

Sofa is new. Large mirrors are made from a giant old door cut down.

image 3

Our home-made construction planks table. Bench found in the trash. Dream catcher bought from local artist. Frame found in old garage.

unnamed 12

Tea and old comic books.


Old six-drawer dresser found in a welder’s shop, re-purposed for display. Glass case found in garage. Old ‘carne asada’ chopping blocks, old child’s school chair found in field. Kimono from eBay.

blue dog y atlas 074

Before we started picking and decorating. Some new paint here, not much else.

interior 3

New location, August 2015

Promo video made by first/yer marketing students




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Part of the old toys collection.

unnamed (9)

Part of the old books collection, FAMULA TUA OATH-EVANGELIAR CODEX-RELIQUIEN  vellum page, 1150.

The Ladies Calling

From the old books collection The Ladies Calling, 1677

unnamed (1)

Part of the Japanese collection. Old page from ‘100 poets’ book, 1600s.

bought 4

Part of the Japanese collection. Old Noh theater script, 1550.


Japanese collection, Samurai armor, 1600s

japan mirror

From the Japan collection. Old bronze mirror, 1880s


From the Japan collection, old Geta shoes 1930s

sake barrel

From the Japan collection, old sake barrel, 1890s


European collection, old pewter spoon, 1500s


European collection, Adriaen van de Venne (1589-1662) and Jacob Cats (1577-1660) 3 book illustration pages, 1630-40s

robert morris

European collection, book page from the Plantarum Historiae, 1677, by Robert Morris (1620-1683)

ap markets 2

Americana collection, old magazine ads, 1930 and 40s


drfy the world label

From the Americana collection, old can labels, 1890s – 1930s


Americana collection, old coffee cans


atomic mouse.JPG

Comic books 1930s – 1980s. Several to read!

Circa 1930's Emerson Electric Company Type # 77648-AW Pedestal Fan

From the old machines collection. Circa 1930’s Emerson Electric Pedestal Fan


From the old machines collection, Smith 1930s. We found this buried in a rim shop that doubled as a metal scrap yard.

1960s sewing machine

!960s sewing machine, rescued from a salvage truck


Our old treadle Singer, 1925! Rescued from a salvage truck.


Butler Brothers flipper toaster, 1930s

royal typewriter

Royal typewriter 1960s

old rotary phone

Old phone

gad about km

Gad A Bout travel iron, Knapp-Monarch 1940s, found in key shop

1940 westinghouse

Westinghouse LA-6 automatic, 1940, found in key shop


Old iron, gift from a customer



From the Mexicana collection. Old draft horse yoke harness, early 1800s


Old, straw-stuffed harness


Old spurs

old mex bems

A collection of old door and windows, beams, capitals and columns.

garafon 4

Garrafon water bottles

bottle 3

Mexican / Spain wine bottles


Mahogany and leather chair, 1890s, found in muffler shop


Collection of Children’s chairs, Mexico


MENU – All made from scratch at Blue Dog’s kitchen !!

Slabs of BBQ Spare ribs

Baby backs !!



sloppy joe

Sloppy Joes





Eggplant Parm close

Vegetarian eggplant parm

tamal pie

Tamal Pie

pizzaa 3


open-sandwiches (smørrebrød) smoked-salmon-smorrebrod-640

Danish open-sandwiches (smørrebrød)

syuffed pots

Stuffed potatoes


Greek salads


Focaccia bread for our paninis


Blueberry cheesecake

Peanut Butter Pie 3_thumb[3]

Peanut butter Oreo pie


Brownie with ice cream



flyer 4


new menu pics 16

Blueberry Blintz




IBC sodas




















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